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The End

I visited a website today that I had designed a couple of years ago for a now ex-girlfriend's mother.  In hindsight, it was seriously butt-ugly.  But hey, it was my first effort ever and I was young and foolish.  Now I'm old and even more foolish.

The site looks pretty much as bad today as it did when I was done with it.  Now, however, the design is credited to one Amanda Dramstad.  In all fairness, I will admit that there are new pages and such up in the site for some of the new projects, awards, and publications Xerces has gotten or produced.   But the odd thing is, the only real design change made was changing the background color from white to purple.  Virtually everything else is the same, save some helpful navigational links being dumped.  I guess Amanda couldn't figure out how I created the graphical buttons either, or how to use them, because they were dropped.  Not a whole lot of new design ideas or anything though.  Even the font colors are the same, though I wouldn't say green really goes with a purple background.  Ew. 

It bugs the hell out of me that I was jerked off like this.  I expected them to eventually redesign the thing but not to just say they did.  The reason I designed the site in the first place (for free) was to have something on the web I could point at and say I made.  Oh and also there was the thing with the girlfriend, who subsequently dumped me, and to whom I have not spoken for over a year.  I wasn't terribly pleased with the break-up (nor aware it was impending).  :P  So, rather than jump head first into a pile of manure and call her up to complain, I'd rather post my whining on the web for all to see.  (Insert nasal voice here).  WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.   Goddamn WAH!  Bastards.  Sigh.

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