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Life ain't fair. Deal with it.

[by:Sean C. Stacey]
Get to Work

There was a little sheep
And he had a little job,
The little sheep would drop-kick fish
Into a nearby pond.
Now you might think it silly,
Or even downright odd,
To drop-kick fish where, left alone,
Their brothers would have spawned.
But little sheep was not amused,
For this was his career.
To sharpened shears he'd not been drawn,
But fish he never feared.
One day a starving wolf slinked by
(So would the wolf 'have slunk?');
His eyes grew wide as soon he spied
First game since that damn skunk.
Now by this time the sheep grew bored,
Complaining 'bout his pay,
But when he whined, Farmer just fired him,
Sent him on his way.
Into the real world he stepped,
Wondering what he'd do,
But the wolf just crept up, ate him whole,
And made it all quite moot.


Copyright © 2001-2002-2001 Sean C. Stacey. All Rights Reserved. Posted with Permission.