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Broken Hoboken Hos

Sunday, July 6, 2003 [by:SilentBob]

Well, it is damn time for proper attention to be given to this forgotten child called Max15Degrees. The lonely kid that sits unbothered as people pass by to look at the freak. Well now we have a reason to stare don't we? Look at me you fools, I am the bumbling reject that makes no sense. ha HA, you've done it now. You woke the beast up. And now you're thinking that maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Well you're along for the ride now. Buckle up.

Where has SpaceBass gone? Is he still alive? Has he gone on a long horrible binge of buttsex and crack? Or maybe the cops came and gave him a good beating for pirating second hand silicon breast implants on the black market. Sure, we can speculate. Why not? The endless possibilities of his disappearance are very intriguing. Aliens/Midgets? Monkeys? Robots? A combination of them all? Perhaps. But enough with the speculation! He will return some day to tell us the tale. Sweet Jesus, I can only imagine the stories he has.

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